How to find us

Phoenix Informatica Bancaria S.p.A
Via Segantini 16/18
38122 Trento, Italy
Tel. 0461.874111

  • How to get to Trento

    The main routes into the city are via rail, or by road on the A22 and SS 12 (Brenner), which allow access from other areas of Italy or Austria. The motorway (tel. +39 0461 - 980085) and railway systems also provide convenient links to the main airports in Northern Italy: Trento is 90 km from Verona-Catullo, 195 km Venice-Marco Polo, 245 km from Milan-Linate and about 60 km from the new airport in Bolzano.

  • How to get to the Phoenix head office

    By road: leave the A22 at the Trento North if you come from North, and Trento South if you come from South.
    If you arrive by train, our office in Via Segantini is easy to reach on foot heading north (left) from the station.

  • How to get to the CSD head office

    On the A4 motorway from Verona, in the direction of Milan, or from Milan, in the direction of Verona, take the Palazzolo sull'Oglio exit. Our offices are located just 50 meters from the toll bridge.


    Timetables and other information can be obtained from the National Rail Service (Ferrovie dello Stato) or from the websites of the following airports: Verona, Milan, Venice, Bolzano.