The outsourcing service for data transmission networks (RTD) allows network resources for the transmission of data to be centralised.
About sixty banks have successfully adopted the system for a total of over 700 head offices and branches managed.

  • reduction of complexity and management costs
    implementation and management of a geographical network solution including links (TD lines) and devices (routers, switches) with a view to maximising efficiency of service and minimising problem points and management costs
  • secure MPLS VPN technology
    use of universally recognised security standards in order to implement a private network for the bank and ensure redundant-mode, secure management of access to services
  • continuous monitoring of lines and devices
    the RTD service combines the most sophisticated technological applications with the skill and professionalism of our staff. The Phoenix help desk boasts instruments for continuous monitoring of the network and for the management of line or device malfunction
  • disaster Recovery
    guaranteed operational continuity
  • market analysis and updating of solutions in the field
    continuous analysis of technological developments in the telecommunications sector and the connectivity market in order ensure top-level network performance and the best service
  • quality
    Service certified in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard