Phoenix Hosting Service (PHS) is an outsourced server service allowing centralising of Windows applications and data, saving management costs for your bank.
About sixty banks have successfully adopted the system for a total of 7000 users.

Lower cost application delivery of Windows products

  • end-to-end system for access to Windows applications
  • lowering of maintenance charges for hardware and software and consequent lowering of management costs
  • longer life cycles for PCs
  • increased flexibility and access to resources, helping to support organisational needs

Data security and protection

  • control, protection and centralised management of data which reduces risk of loss or theft to a minimum
  • completely centralised data backup and restoring
  • management and control of security and user policies
  • constant updating of system for latest requirements for data processing and security

Disaster Recovery

  • guarantee of operational continuity
  • guarantee of data integrity and recovery in disaster scenarios


  • centralised management of software licenses for infrastructure and applications


  • Service certified in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard